SunSys – project to be realised

SunSys – project to be realised

The lasercutted Systemprototype contains the openings and closings as defined in 3D

The lasercutted system prototype with open and closed areas

SunSys is a spatial system of planar elements developed by Jens Böke. It is able to form double curved geometries with different opening degress. After its first application as a parametric Pavilion Design in 2008, it will be now fabricated in scale 1:1 as a double cuvred wall on our Campus Emilie in Detmold.

The idea is simple, planar elements are intersected by rotating them 90° to each other

The geometric principle is fairly simple: planar elements are intersected by rotating them 90° to each other

Each element is different, but the principle of fabrication and assembly is the same. The control of the panels’ position and orientation is organized by a parametric 3D-model. The ID of each panel is engraved as a label to enhance the assembly process.

SunSys prototype - fabricated on the Laser cutter as a Model in scale 1:5

SunSys prototype – fabricated on the laser cutter in scale 1:5

The elements of SunSys are distributed along a guiding surface. All influencing parameters can be changed in the Grasshopper definition, which also generates the layout of the 2D- curves for the milling machine.


The system is generated by a parametric definition in Grasshopper3D

The SunSys wall is made from 400 planar panels. The position and rotation of each elements is displayed by a labeling.


After solving the geometric complexity and labeling each panels position, the assembly of the 400 pieces follows a simple waffle principle

Before starting with the production of the elements, the connections are doublechecked in a 1:1 mock-up. While optimizing tolerances, we recognized that we also had to integrate a locking mechanism to avoid tension.


First tests on the CNC milling machine helped to find the right tolerances for the connection of the elements in scale 1:1



The final wall installation will be realised during our first semester week, mid September 2014.


Jens Böke MA
Prof. Dipl. -Ing Marco Hemmerling MA