Reinvention of the dovetail connection

 Reinvention of the dovetail connection

Milled component integrated connectors

Milled dovetail connections

The workshop was part of our module “New Technologies”, driven by Linda Hildebrand. Within the module we had a closer look on traditional Buildingpart connections, trying to rethink them by using computational tools.

Force fitting and detachable- The dovetail connection is one of the most common handicraft connection which offers both- a connection that is force fitting and detachable at the same time. It has one main disadvantage – its labour intensity. This was starting point for our course with the focus to use the potential of new technologies.

The workshop team producing their prototypes

The Students developing their prototypes

Within one intensive week the students developed a new connection which was able to function as table legs and be detachable. They produced prototypes from wood (and partly alucobond) on the CNC milling machine.

stability test too proof the results

They did stability tests to proof their results