Digitally designed formworks for clay constructions

Digitally designed formworks for clay constructions

Filling of clay in the digitally designed formwork

filling the digitally designed formwork with clay

High-Tech strategies for Low-Tech materials – The Module „Material & Construction“ focused on the development of complex geometries for façade modules made from clay. The material is cheap and has a long tradition in building constructions. However, the geometric possibilities are quiet limited. Together with students of the IFDC- International Facade Design and Construction program, we developed innovative freeform solutions, based on computational design.


the parametric model enabled variations of the design


prototype 1:4

To gain more knowledge about the material clay, we visited the company Conluto in Blomberg which produces contemporary ecological building products made of earth.

M-CDC at Blomber based company "Conluto"

M-CDC at Blomberg based company “Conluto”

Efficient formworks are the key to new geometric possibilites. They were imagined and sketched in the beginning, but soon translated into 3D-Models. Each concept also had to  be prototyped in scale 1:4 mockups.  Their fabrication was not limited to specific tools, but chosen depending on the specific requirements.

Formwork ready for casting the clay


At the end of the workshop the formworks were used to cast results with different kinds of clay. The comparison and evaluation of the different results was also part of the challenge.

Lecturers: Prof. Bernadette Heiermann, Max Ernst

Students: Arjun Sharma, Alexander Fillies, Suraj Sunil Kumar Shetty, Ahmed Moharam, Boris Bähre