BIM MatLib

BIM MatLib


3D-model in Revit

The aim of the module was to explore the potential of BIM for the design of a new material library (MatLib) on our university campus in Detmold. An integral design strategy, taking into account various BIM parameters, such as climate, material, sustainability, usage/function, modularity, costs etc. was developed within a holistic approach. In parallel to the concept development operative tools, like parametric and object-oriented modeling, visual programming and database management were used to carry out the project.


3D-model in Revit 2


parametric definition in Dynamo


Exchange of data with Excel


Optimisation results


Visualisation of results

MatLib was designed for a given location with specific site-conditions and a pre-defined perimeter on the campus. A major aspect – next to the successive integration of information – was the optimization of the design by tes­ting variations of the initial ideas (e.g. construction, facade, interior, spatial layout, energy concept, materials…).

Students: Amir Saadat Fard, Wang Luxian

Lecturers: Prof. Marco Hemmerling, Boris Bähre